Coaching and Coach Training Certification for Healthcare Practitioners, Business Executives, and Personal Coaching

We turn intentions into new behavior patterns that change lives through business coaching. Harness the power of positive coaching in your leadership environment. Tap into your employee’s highest attributes by identifying and utilizing the positive in your work environment and minimizing the distractions, destructive attitudes, and antiquated processes.

Offering in-house coaching programs for training your HR team, team-building, or project retreats to execute strategic development for the CEO and the entire C-Suite.  We utilize appropriate assessments and behavioral perceptions as well as situational coaching to improve, develop, and expand strategic planning, conflict resolution, time management, and service excellence. Implemented correctly, these initiatives can smooth mergers and acquisitions or engage and mobilize high performance employees for positive changes within organizations.

 Using the latest neuroscience research related to the anatomy and physiology of the brain and our ability to reprogram, we facilitate personal and professional growth and job satisfaction.

Are you a small business in healthcare? Remember, YOU are your own CEO. Business coaching is just as important for small businesses. Same actions equal the same outcomes.

Coaching Certification Programs:

*Certified Executive Coaching for MBAs

*Certified Executive Coach

*Certified Life Coach

There is a natural referral conduit from consulting to coaching and if you are continually frustrated with consulting plans that never get implemented because of barriers within the organization, this is a satisfying alternative. Our hope is to bring value to you, be it personally or professionally. On a personal note, this coaching certification helped my family with interpersonal communication as well, keeping discussions unheated at work and at home, where it gave depth to conversations with my children.

There is no required attendance minimum per week; you will just get your certification and be ICF eligible after you meet the required number of hours.  You could take three months or two years to complete the hours.

Please email Carmen Recupero for course objectives, details, costs and registration information. Once we get a group of 10 participants, we will set a loose calendar.  There are three options as far as additional optional accreditations once you are a certified coach and we can provide more information if you are interested.

Deliverables, in addition to synchronous courses, are 10 recorded practice coaching hours. This is a great way to get ten free professional coaching hours yourself! Topics covered in the additional synchronous and asynchronous sessions may include:

  1. Coaching Techniques
  2. Active Inquiry
  3. The Business of Coaching
  4. 360’s and other assessment tools
  5. Coaching Ethics
  6. Developing Internal Coaching Programs
  7. Interpreting  and strengthening Behaviors in the Coaching Process
  8. Interpreting and Strengthening Perceptions in the Coaching Process
  9. Board Development and Maturation
  10. Coaching Through Changing Times
  11. Effective Communication in Organizations
  12. High-Performance Cultures, Creating and Maintaining Them
  13. Propelling and Empowering Employees to Act
  14. Leadership Dashboard, Short-term, and Long-term planning
  15. Managing and Leading Up
  16. CEO Retention Strategies
  17. Career Coaching
  18. Personal Branding in Coaching
  19. Developing Your Brand and Extending your Reach
  20. Conflict Resolution
  21. Quality and Excellence in Organizations
  22. Strategic Planning
  23. Succession Planning in Organizations and Small Businesses
  24. The Person affecting Profession
  25. Collaboration in Organizations
  26. Teams-Organization, Leading and Coaching Them
  27. Comprehensive Leadership
  28. Time Management and Productivity Coaching
  29. The First 90 Days
  30. Mergers and Acquisitions
  31. Execution-Leadership in Action
  32. Influencing Others for Change and Growth

Make a change today. Contact us to set up a no-cost initial consultation to discuss goals and an appropriate plan for your business.

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