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Complete Oncology Rehabilitation Certification


    • Interpret the surgical procedure and previous or ongoing treatment of an oncology care patient and how it relates to progress in our rehab protocols, a special focus will be on types of oncological breast surgeries and types of reconstruction
    • Obtain a working knowledge of cancer pathogenesis, tumor, and disease identification
    • Evaluate chemotherapy agents and their side effects and complications including chemo-induced neuropathy, chemo brain, fatigue, myelosuppression
    • Establish treatment protocols including exercise based on ACSM guidelines with the ability of the patient to progress on their own long term; soft tissue work and other manual techniques to restore ROM, strength, and thus function. Both aspects of rehab will lend to the patient feeling whole and indirectly aid in restoring mental and emotional health
    • Gain the ability to properly utilize functional outcomes measures using ICF classifications, extensive assessment tools, and appropriate G-codes, CPT codes and ICD-10 codes in documentation
    • Discover patient education techniques related to self soft-tissue mobilization, exercise, chemotherapy side-effect compensation, and other needs of oncology care patients with significant lab time for K-taping, neural gliding, axillary web syndrome, and more.
    • Relate the basic anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system to that of a patient in oncology care. Understand how lymphedema may impact their functional limitations and what to do to help them reach their full rehab potential
    • Understand the gold standards in lymphatic/lymphedema care in a patient that has had lymph node removal or impairment, with significant lab time
    • Recognize the physical and psychosocial implications of cancers involving bowel, bladder, and reproductive organs, how this impacts their functional gains and how to best treat
    • Round table discussion with current research on other related topics of interest submitted within 30 days of course

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Amy, Providence, RI

"Wonderful presenter. Carmen makes you interested from the beginning to the end. I look forward to taking another class with her." 

Angela, Providence RI

"Carmen Thompson was highly knowledgeable and passionate in her presentation. Always kept the class engaged.”

Christina, CT

"Carmen's knowledge is very evident as is her desire to provide multiple treatment options for therapists to utilize to optimize benefits - both physical and financial- for patients. She is very personable."

Anna, Hartford, CT

"Great seminar. Very interesting topic and Carmen did a great job presenting the information. Very competent and approachable. Would definitely take another course taught by her and will recommend Carmen and the course to others."

Ann, Ohio

"Excellent course from start to finish-all Modules. Carmen is passionate, knowledgeable, experienced and very personable. These all came through during the training. There were no dull moments."

Rose, NC

"The relaxed atmosphere is conducive to better learning and absorption of material. I don't feel overwhelmed, even with the amount of material covered, because of the manner in which it was presented. Instructor gives me confidence and checks to make sure my skills are par."

Tara, GA

"Instructor is extremely knowledgeable and easily conveys both theory and practical hands on application. I love the clinical aspect of the class which gives immediate hands on practice and reinforces the learning."

Kara C.

"Carmen is a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor and facilitator. Her style is easy to understand and she makes the environment fun and light. She's very patient and cares about your success."

Complete CLT (Certified Lymphedema Therapist) Training

Complete MLD/CDP Training as a lymphedema therapist is recommended for anyone who wants to treat more complex medical patients such as oncology patients, patients who have had lymph nodes removed or radiated, or those with extensive vascular edema with skin deterioration/ulceration. This is really key to seeing big reductions in patients with visible swelling disorders.

Certification class includes all workbooks, hardback text, upper extremity and lower extremity bandaging kits, lab fees, certification exam and 135 CEUs. Cost for full MLD/CDP certification is $3,195 for all 3 parts. Cost of MLD only certification is $2,195. Feasible payment plans are available. You do get a time/monetary credit if you have attended the introductory course that I have taught.

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Basic MLD Certification

Available with Parts 1-2.  Part 1 being the home study. This will qualify practitioners to work extensively with conditions of the lymphatic system, excluding disorders where there is a direct lymphatic pathology, i.e. cancer treatment of the lymph nodes, lymph node removal, and types of edemas that require bandaging. This is ideal for those who work outside of a direct medical setting, i.e. massage therapists that are more interested in the holistic, orthopedic, auto-immune disease benefits and aestheticians. These are only loose guidelines, there are plenty of massage therapists that have built very lucrative practices with full CLT certification. Please call me to discuss your specific practice goals. The cost is $2,195.

With this certification, you would be able to safely treat:  whole-body tissue detoxification, symptoms of lupus, arthritis, RA, osteoarthritis, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, aesthetics, cellulite, lymphatic facial detoxification, wrinkles, scarring, and swelling due to surgical procedures and trauma and much more.

We will be teaching the full MLD/CDP 135 hour certification program in two or three parts, depending on your locality.   Please download the full course document for full details.

For more details download our complete MLD/CDP certification program outline.


Lipedema: From Early Identification to Treatment for the CLT

In this course, participants will gain a clear understanding of lipedema as a specific and individualized condition that is highly treatable by the skilled therapist. The processes of identification and evaluation, differential diagnosis, type and stage assessment, specialized testing, and surgical and non surgical interventions are explored. Therapists trained in compression bandaging techniques and compression garment fitting will learn and practice various techniques and considerations while treating the lipedema limb. We will explore why traditional interventions have failed for the treatment of lipedema, and how those failed treatments contribute to the progression of this condition. The impact of this connective tissue disorder on an individual’s psychosocial wellbeing is explored, as well as supporting community resources to address these concerns. By the end of this course, students will be able to identify and determine/ administer appropriate treatment to the client with lipedema.

16 CEUs, $359 Live

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